Crown Jewels

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As I scrolled through images of the spring collections, I couldn’t help but to be a bit astonished.  Yes, there were the typical pastels in play, but surprisingly, I noticed a lot of jewel tones paired with neutrals.  Doth my eye deceive me?  Color tones usually reserved for fall did in fact infiltrate the Academy of Art University’s annual New York fashion.  One collection that caught my deceiving eye was Ryan Morar and Melissa Avalos’ collection.

More fabric, more layers, and more drop-crotch pants seemed to be the inspirational theme behind Morar and Avalos’ S/S 2014 runway collection, or maybe it was Disney’s animated movie, Aladdin.  Either way, the collection definitely draws in its spectators with its rich jewel toned tops and its metallic-like chevron printed pants.  The designers did a great job of offering transitional pieces with more than half of their looks encompassing some type of layering piece such as an overcoat or a jacket.    The outerwear usually came as an unexpected pop of color that shook things up a bit in an otherwise drab look.  The mixing of prints is phenomenal.  It has just the right amount of balance to make it pleasing to the eye and completely wearable.  Did I also mention that I am in love with their metallic-like pants?  I am however, a bit taken aback by the sizing of the garments.  It seemed like the masculine aspect was over asserted.  The pants are big, the outerwear is big, the shirts are big, the lapels are big, and it all seemed a bit too, well big.  I would have liked to see some of the items tailored down and not so baggy.  After a while, the collection became a bit messy due to the oversized items, but all in all, I was intrigued and pleased.

The mixing of textures, prints, and colors gave Morar and Avalos’ collection a rich depth that was not evident in other collections this year.  The jewel tones were a pleasant surprise that stole the show.


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