A Time of Mourning

I am sure you have heard by now that the recent Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris was a doozy and not for the usual reasons.  Creative Director of 16 years, Marc Jacobs announced that the show, was indeed his last for the fashion house. Reports stated that he would be leaving the iconic brand so that he can focus all his attention on his own namesake brand.  This isn’t an uncommon thing now days, designers come and go often, especially as of late, but with the rumor mill swirling, there is speculation as to why now.  Jacobs stated that the decision was made that morning to leave the house, but the show said otherwise.  One spectator even said that it was reminiscent of a funeral.  The color black was very dominant, and there were several stage pieces that were seen previously in past shows. Coincidence?  I think not.  Relationships have been tense lately between the designer and the brand. Both camps have leaked little tidbits here and there teasing that things had taken a turn for the worse.  The brand had seen an increase in profits the past year, but not as good as previous years and not as good as some of their competitors, according to Reuters.  Jacobs’ contract had been in negotiations since January, but with the recent launch of his beauty line, I’m sure that was the least of his worries. I, for one, am over joyed for the parting of ways.  I mourn the loss for the French house, but am anxious to see what Marc Jacobs can do with his own brand, now that he’ll be working from home full-time.


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